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The intellectual property firm of MIYAGAWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM was established in 1996 by Teiji Miyagawa. Kiyoshi Miyagawa joined in 1998.
We began our operations in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and have since expanded twice, to our current location.
We are a full-service patent and trademark firm, with technical expertise in virtually all major technical fields, including mechanical, electrical, electronics, optical, telecommunication, software, aviation and chemical technologies.
We maintain a full application filing and prosecution docket, and actively participate in Board of Appeal matters.
We also provide legal opinions relating to infringement, validity, and overall patent strategy. Five among our seven Patent Attorneys are specific infringement litigation qualified, that is, they are qualified to handle infringement cases related to intellectual property matters before the courts on behalf of the clients with general attorneys.
We represent a wide variety of national, multi-national, and overseas clients whose business activities encompass a broad spectrum of technical areas.
We are accustomed to working for a wide range of the clientele, including overseas as well as domestic clients. Overseas clients have expressed their high evaluations of our services, especially with respect to our reasonable and high quality services, our speed of response and clarity of English communication.

Examples of Client Testimonials;
"First, I would like to note that your diligence continues to give us great confidence in your work."
- Response to the clarification letters during our translation work of a patent specification.
"You are by far the best Japanese attorney that I have ever worked with."
- Comment of a UK attorney when he recommended Teiji Miyagawa to his important client.
"We have found that his international business experience combined with his strong legal and technical capabilities, give clients a very high degree of confidence."
- Testimonial from a US patent attorney.

Profile of
Teiji Miyagawa,
1965 Waseda University, BS. Mechanical Engineering
1965-1992 Ebara Corporation
1993-1996  Soei International Patent Firm
1996 Established Miyagawa International Patent Firm
1998 Merged with Kiyoshi Miyagawa
and Hiroshi Matsumura,
Japanese Patent Attorneys

into Miyagawa International Patent Firm
1970 Passed the first Grade of Step Exam. (Eiken)
1979 Kanto District Patent Prize as an inventor
1988 Passed the Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.
1994 Passed U.S. Patent Agent Exam.

Technical Expertise:
Rotating machinery, Refrigeration machines and systems, Steam turbines, Control systems, Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, Optical fiber, Surface elastic wave elements, Optical apparatus, Foreign applications.

a managing partner and a representative of Miyagawa International Patent Firm. He serves a wide range of corporate clients in a variety of industries including rotating machinery, refrigeration machines and systems, steam turbines, control systems, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and optical apparatus. Besides, he has a special expertise in foreign applications from overseas to Japan and the other way around.
Teiji has a long experience as a mechanical engineer in a prestigious industrial machinery manufacturer. His own significant experience as a design and research engineer in the industry, together with his background as an in-house counsel, has given him a special understanding of the needs and challenges of his corporate clients.
Teiji received an honor of being dispatched to the United States in 1993 as a research scholar from the Intellectual Property Institute in Tokyo. He was just one candidate selected for the position among 6 Japanese patent attorneys who had applied for.
He successfully passed the US patent agent examination during the stay in the United States.
He was licensed to practice before the JPO as a Japanese Patent Attorney (Benrishi) in 1989. He was also registered as a Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified Benrishi in 2006.

-Managing Partner-
Japanese Patent Attorney;
Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified
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