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-Welcome to Miyagawa International Patent Firm-
We will do our best for our clients.
Our patent attorneys and technical staff are as follows;


Japanese Patent Attorney;
Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified

1965 Waseda University, BS. Mechanical Engineering
1965-1992 Ebara Corporation
1993-1996 Soei International Patent Firm
1996 Established Miyagawa International Patent Firm
1998 Merged with Kiyoshi Miyagawa
and Hiroshi Matsumura, Japanese Patent Attorneys
into Miyagawa International Patent Firm
1970 Passed the first Grade of Step Exam. (Eiken)
1979 Kanto District Patent Prize as an inventor
1988 Passed the Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.
1994 Passed U.S. Patent Agent Exam.

Technical Expertise:
Rotating machinery, Refrigeration machines and systems, Steam turbines, Control systems,
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, Optical fiber, Surface elastic wave elements, Optical apparatus,
Trademarks, Foreign applications

Japanese Patent Attorney

1973 Kobe University, BS. Civil Engineering
1975 Kobe University, Graduate School, M.S. Civil Engineering
1975-1984 Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd.
1985-1988 Shinkai Koei Co., Ltd.
1988 Established Miyagawa Patent Firm
1990 Established Miyagawa Matsumura International Patent Firm
1998 Merged into Miyagawa International Patent Firm,
with Teiji Miyagawa, Japanese Patent Attorney
1983 Passed the Japanese Consulting Engineers Exam.
1987 Passed the Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.

Technical Expertise:
Civil Engineering, Building construction general, Construction machinery, Construction materials,
Copying machines, Printers, Trademarks

Japanese Patent Attorney (No. 10039);
Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified

1966.3 Tokyo Institute of Technology BS. Applied Physics
1968.3 Tokyo Institute of Technology MS. Applied Physics
1968.4-1991.3 Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corporation,
Researcher in the fields of telecommunication components
and materials and semiconductor integrated circuits.
From 1984, Junior Manager in Intellectual Property Division.
1991.11 Passed the Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.
1991.4-2001.3 NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.
Senior Manager in the field of Intelligent Property.
2001.4-2003.1 Hiraki International Patent Firm.
2003.2 Joined Miyagawa International Patent Firm.

Technical Expertise:
Information and Communication Engineering, Semiconductor Integrated Circuits,
Telecommunication Components and Materials, Memory InstrumentsCOptics, Business Model,

Toshiyuki KANAI
Japanese Patent Attorney (No. 13182);
Specific Infringement Litigation Qualified

1994 Musashi Institute of Technology, BS.Mechanical Engineering
2003 Passed the Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.

Technical Expertise:
Mechanical Engineering, Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineering, Trademarks

Japanese Patent Attorney (No.15519)

1986 Yokohama City University, BS. Chemistry
1986-1991 Yokogawa Electric Corporation
1991-2001 Fuji Xerox Corporation as a contract worker
2001-2002 Logica Japan Corporation
2007 Miyagawa International Patent Firm
2007 Passed Japanese Patent Attorneys Exam.

Technical Expertise:
Chemistry, Telecommunication engineering

Japanese Patent Attorney (No.21504)

2003 Shibaura Institute of Technology, BS. Mechanical Engineering
2003-2008 Patent Engineer
2008-2018 Examiner at Japan Patent Office
2018 Miyagawa International Patent Firm

Technical Expertise:
Engine Parts, Connectors, Cleaning Apparatus, Electric Appliances, Automobile Parts, Software

; and 4 legal assistants
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